Few outdoor landscaping elements make as much of an immediate impact as retaining walls. Engineered and designed to increase land usability and improve drainage and soil issues, retaining walls are an affordable upgrade that takes just days (instead of weeks) to install. Both area residents and business owners benefit from the addition of high-quality, well-placed retaining walls.

As a foundational addition to your hardscape, the installation of either concrete or masonry retaining walls help transform sloped or otherwise unusable areas of your property into beautiful, functional areas that add value while protecting the longevity of plants, trees and other hardscape elements.

At Living Elements, our landscape designers are exceptionally skilled in the proper placement of retaining walls, placing them effectively in order to ensure exceptional operation and long-term structural integrity. Through careful assessment of drainage, soil, and sloping issues, while considering land-use improvements, we strive to make the most out of your property. With decades of combined professional experience, we are able to confidently guarantee incredible results with every project, regardless of the scope or size.

Bring us your most challenging landscaping need and we’ll design the perfect, custom retaining wall system for your property. As Sacramento’s Top-Rated Local® landscape design company, we’re equipped and ready to take on any project. Find out just how far our commitment to excellence goes by scheduling your free project estimate now.