How to Effectively Get Rid of Weeds

Everyone wants the best-looking lawn in their neighborhood. But, if you constantly have weeds sprouting up in yours, achieving that goal can be challenging. Fortunately, at Living Elements Landscape, we’re here to help Sacramento homeowners attain yards worth showing off. Read on as we share our best tips for effectively getting rid of weeds, then contact us for additional landscaping services.

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Manually Remove Weeds

There’s nothing wrong with getting your hands dirty and pulling weeds manually. In fact, while it’s time-consuming, this method can be highly effective as long as you remove the entire root system. With the roots pulled, weeds won’t be able to regrow as quickly or easily.

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If your lawn has garden beds, you may find they’re popular spots for weeds to sprout. An easy way to prevent weeds from coming up while also improving the look of your yard is by mulching, which involves applying a layer of mulch. Mulch suppresses weed growth because it blocks sunlight from reaching weeds yet benefits yards by adding nutrients to the soil.

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Use Herbicides

If your Sacramento landscape has a particularly large weed problem, spraying or applying herbicides may be the most effective method for getting rid of them. Herbicides kill unwanted plants, but you don’t have to worry about them killing your lawn because these products work by only targeting enzymes found in weeds.

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A final method for removing weeds from your lawn is by rototilling it. This method calls for a rototiller, a landscaping tool that uses blades to churn soil. Rototilling helps you easily dig up weeds and disrupt their growth. At the same time, you’ll also aerate your soil and promote healthy plant growth.

By trying these methods, weeds will be no match for your yard. But if you really want the best lawn in Sacramento, contact Living Elements Landscape to find out what our landscaping company can do for you.

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