4 Secrets to the Perfect Xeric Garden

At Living Elements, our landscape design team strives to always satisfy your expectations while taking into account our fragile ecosystem. We're from Northern California, so we care about conserving our natural resources and providing drought-tolerant and xeriscape landscaping ideas for both residential and commercial applications. Our approach for ecologically sustainable landscape design involves reducing the amount of water your yard consumes and eliminating non-native plants. Our method guarantees a yard that is as appealing as it is environmentally beneficial. So what can you do to enjoy the perfect xeric garden? Learn more below, then get started today.


Create a Balance With Biodiversity

The first step in landscaping wisely is designing a yard that works with local wildlife. A landscape design with beneficial habitat is not only environmentally friendly — it's also more aesthetically pleasing than what most homeowners are used to seeing, which is why it's especially important for commercial properties. Simply put, our advice is to think "native" whenever possible.


Create Year-Round Interest With Plant Variety

It's time to let go of traditional landscaping ideas, like using only evergreen shrubs and perennials. These plants are nice, but they're not always the most environmentally beneficial for the long-term health of your yard. Incorporating native plants that have year-round visual interest — such as deciduous trees that lose their leaves in the fall — is a better way to design a landscape that is both gentle on the planet and visually appealing for homeowners. For the team at Living Elements, our goal for every project is to find a balance between form and function, while also providing eco-friendly xeriscape landscaping ideas for Northern California homes.

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Use a Variety of Rock Materials For Contrast

Keeping your yard healthy doesn't mean only using plants. In fact, from an ecological standpoint, you would be better off if you replaced some of the plants with rocks or gravel to help maintain soil moisture. Xeriscape landscaping ideas involve reducing the amount of vegetation in your yard and incorporating more hardscape where possible for a sustainable landscape design you're sure to love.

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Get the Soil Right

Maintaining healthy soil is an often overlooked aspect of landscape design. It's especially important for drought-tolerant landscaping ideas that involve xeriscape gardening. Healthy soil will not only prevent erosion, it'll also absorb more water during the rainy season, reducing runoff and increasing plant growth.

Ready to create a xeric garden you’ll absolutely love? We can help! Your Living Elements project manager will begin by consulting with you in person to create a design that is suited to your budget, schedule, demands, and goals. We thoroughly examine the site for soil and terrain difficulties, resulting in a landscape that is ideal for you and your unique environment. Whether your goal is to save time, water, or money, it’s possible to make the most of your garden with Living Elements. Get in touch today!

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