Every good lawn and landscape is dependent on reliable irrigation. Designed correctly and sensibly, a high-quality sprinkler system should be something you rarely think about. Providing the right amount of water, in the right areas, a well-engineered irrigation system is fundamental to any beautiful and functional outdoor space.

Convenient and Money-Saving

Backed by decades of experience in landscape design, our sprinkler system installation crews understand better than most the importance of a well-planned watering system. Using today’s most innovative techniques and methods for irrigating both small and large plots, we work to limit your water use, saving you money on your monthly utility bills while protecting your entire lawn and landscape.

Partnering with the state’s best sprinkler system manufacturers, we provide all-encompassing installation and repair services to all of Sacramento and its surrounding areas. We work with residents and business owners to deliver reliable, affordable, and high-quality installation and repair. And, we service both manual and automatic irrigation and sprinkler systems of all types and brands.

Let Us Design a System That Works For You

As a modern convenience, irrigation systems provide stress-free watering to all of your outdoor areas. Let us design and install the perfect sprinkler system for you. We have a one-year warranty on all of our work and can provide a free quote. Contact our customer care team now to get started!